Blue Lead Gel X-Ray Protective Coating 0.35mmpb Flexibility and Protection

DentaldenshineSKU: 370343-7186



  • Lead equivelent: 0.35mmpb.Color: blue.Normal wearing.Long sleeve.Single layer.The Pb Gel are flexible.Hard wearing and easy clean.
  • The lead is distributed very even, in the normal use, the lead equivalent will not weaken.
  • It can be customerized
  • Exquisite workmanship and durable use.Multilayer material with human design, weared comfortable.


1. Do not touch with sharp metal, in case of piercing, and 

stitching  exposed occur.

2. Use in a cool, dry place. Keep far away from light and heat, 

and away from  the acid,

alkali or oil chemical products

3. When stop working, you should put it flat, and not fold it.

Package Include:

1*main body

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