2 in 1 Dental Wireless Endodontic Endo Motor with Apex Locator

DentalDenshineSKU: 50324032-110v

Voltage: 110v


Three working mode
1.Single Endo motor mode
2.Endo motor with apex locator mode
3.Single apex locator mode

Convenient function
1.Mini head ,can be rotated at multiple angles to facilitate the use of various angles.
2.Contactless charging
3.Switchable display is suitable for right hand or left hand use
4.Torque automatic calibratio
5.Apex locate function self detection
6.Automatic mode switching the machine has no mode switching button, the machine automatically switching mode according to the cable plug-in situation
7.The screen shows different colors to represent different states

Freerunningspeed: 150~600rpm
RatedTorque: min. 0.6N.cm
Battery: Lithiumion battery(DC3.7V)
Battery Charger
Rated Input Voltage DC10V
Rated Input Current 1.5A
AC Adapter
Rated Input Voltage AC100 240V
Rated Input Frequency 50-60Hz

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