Wireless dental LED curing machine with adjustable working time dental tools

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Wireless Dental LED Light Blue Curing Machine Cordless Lamp Adjustable Working Time Solidify Clinic Dental Tools Oral Irrigation
Thank you for choosing our LED light curing machine. This instrument takes the high-power pure blue LED as a light source. It's the new light curing machine which used with enhanced mode spot optical fiber light sticks.
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Suitable temperature:5℃~50℃
Gross Weight: 0.57Kg
input Voltage: 110V-240VAC, 50-60HZ
Relative humidity: < 80%
Solidify time and depth 5s/3mm
Output Voltage: DC4.2V
Light wavelength: 420-480nm
Battery: Lithium-ion battery
The capability of Battery: 1500mAh
Light intensity: 1200-2000mw/cm
1.LED light curing machine adopts the light-emitting diodes Blue-ray, it can cure the resin with the wavelength of 420-480nm, and be used to repair the teeth in the department of stomatology;
2.There is three solidification working light modes: strong light mode, flashing light mode, gradual light mode.
3.The light-emitting diodes have a long life, which can greatly reduce the costs of future maintenance of the machine;
4. It does not produce any heat when running, so no need to cool it with a fan, thus, it is free from the annoyance of noise and vibration of traditional machines;
5.The high-capacity lithium-ion battery can last about 130-200 times after being fully charged(4-8 hours).
6.Intelligent battery detection circuit function: when the battery is low, it will alarm and the light will flash.
7.Lightweight and two-stage design, first low-light irradiation, and then glare rapid curing.
This can inhibit the excessive contraction of the resin surface, avoid cracks between cavities' edges.
1. You can set working modes and working time (5s-40s) on this machine.
2. working time setting
Press the"M" button for a while, when hearing "di di" and light shine, press the "P" button to choose the time, 5s- 40s is available. When you hear "di di" again and light stopping shinning, the time setting is done.
3. Working mode setting
Press button "M" to choose working modes, choose the mode you need.
Package list
1* Working Head
1* Main Body
1* Light Protector
1* Charging Base
1* Adapter
1* User Manual

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