17 Inch 10 million pixels WIFI Digital LCD AIO Monitor Dental Intra oral Camera

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Features :

1.New model of 1/4 CCD high resolution intra oral camera connect 17 inch LCD screen;

2. 17 inch LCD can freely adjust contrast,lightness and color;

3. LCD screen plus tempered glass;

4. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.

5. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED

6. The Front Five control buttons: freeze, save, previous image, next image, delete, and the reverse side control buttons: freeze and save

7.Using the latest technology that can save 6000pcs images throught the USB flash disk,the images could be permanently stored;

8.Innovative Design , it can be displayed one images, four small images

9.With the recording function and the video storage/capacity according to the USB flash disk;

10.WI-FI output function;

11.Multimedia input:Video,USB,VGA and HDIMI;

12.Multimedia features make the display superior performance,can be directly connected to the Mp3,USB flash disk and other electronic equipment,play movies,music and files in JPG format;

13.Support:Chinese,English,Spanish,Deutsch,Portuguese,Arabic etc many languages;

14. Optional 2.5inch LCD screen let dentists take pictures more convenient

15. It can make video recording

16. Suitable for NTSC /PAL

17. WI-FI device can save and transmit the images to mobile phone, Tablet PC and the computer at the same time.


system Inserted operation system
Display mode Single image,four images
Intelligent function Anti-shaking,Reoval of jagged edge
VGA resolution 1208×1024
System operating Infrared remote control
Backup method Self-back up to USB disk
Power consumption 30W
Image storage format JPG format,1280×1024
WIFI transmission mode Follow the system
Focusing range 5mm~50mm
Storing pictures 6000pcs

Package includes:

1*Multimedia monitor

1*Handset data line

1*Handset jackets

1*Infrared remote control

1*Handset bracket

1*USB disk

1*User manual

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