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Porcelain Crown has become a common denture.The accurately tooth color compared for porcelain crown is very important.
Try to think about that,there will not exist the complaint for teeth color shade compare error caused by naked eye.
Try to think about that,the accurate Tooth Color Comparator will bring convenience and trustiness. Finally,it will release dentist from complicated operation of porcelain crown.
Try to think about that,the price of this reliable Tooth Color Comparator is just higher than formal Shade guider board a little.

CE FDA approved
Moving type
Height/Width/Depth: 21.4x11x14.4cm
Weight: 511g
Battery: Rechargeable Li-lon battery, 8.4V
Lamp type: White High Power LED
Adapter (Input): AC110V-240V,50-60Hz
Temperature range: 10 centi degree to 50 centi degre

Operating instruction manual x 1
Anti-infection cover suit x 1
Tooth Color Comparator x 1
Base unit x 1
Charger x 1
Anti-infection cover hold ring x 1
Probe tip protection cover (can be autoclavable in 135 C) x 1

1. Fast and reliable shade taking at the push of button.
2. High measuring accuracy depends on spectrophotometric measuring.
3. Perfectly simple handling
4. Cordless, mobile and lightweight compact unit.
5. Better results since independent of lighting conditions and user.
6. Suitable for VITA PLAN(V16) and VITA 3D-MASTER(V29), IVOCLAR(I16) and IVOCLAR(I20) shade guider board
7. Quality control depends on best micro-computer and self- restorable system.


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