Dental Teeth Inspection Intraoral Camera Handheld HD Oral Detector

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Screen Specifications:
1. The screen adopts high-definition IPS full screen with a brightness of 500.
2. Battery model: 104050, 2500mah polymer lithium battery, can last 3 hours.
3. Support 720p and above endoscopes, dental mirrors, otoscopes, microscopes and other USB drive-free lenses. The matching lenses of our company are tested and shipped. If it is an external camera from another factory, due to the numerous lens solutions on the market and the emergence of many differential lenses, if there is any unsupported situation, please contact customer service! Large customers can support the optimization and customization of the program.
4. The charging input is a 5V Android interface, and the mobile phone charger can be charged.
5. It supports up to 32G card, supports camera, video, playback and other functions. Please format the card before inserting it for use for the first time.
6, 7 languages, set by yourself.
1. Insert the lens into the USB port of the screen, and press and hold the switch button to turn it on and use it
2. For other functions, please refer to the manual button function
3. Light adjustment key: This function is only available for all-in-one machines (the lens and the display are integrated, and cannot be separated)
Menu button: The lens switching function of this button is only useful if it is matched with our dual lens, otherwise it only has the function to enter the menu
On-screen display mode button: There are three kinds of on-screen display modes: "eye protection mode", "indoor mode", and "outdoor mode", and the buttons can be switched freely
USB Dental Endoscope Specifications:
Sensor:2 million pixels
Output resolution:1600*1200 for computer and 1280*720P for Android phone
Depth of field:2-4cm
Supply:USB 2.0 and Micro C interface
Waterproof Grade:IP67
6 LED adjustable Light
Package Size:approx.23x8x3cm/9x3.2x1.2""

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