65W Strong Electric Grinding Machine

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Type: US Plug


1. Rated voltage :110V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ(Please set the voltage before using the machine)
2. Power Input: 110V AC 60HZ
220V AC 50HZ
2. Out voltage: DC 0 - 32V
3. Power: 65W Max
4. Rated Speed: 1000 - 45000RPM (Max)
5. Plug: EU/US
Suitable for bur size: 2.35mm
1. Don't change the turning directions too frequently,otherwise,it will damage the grinding head.
2. Turn the speed control counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before turning off and switch the main power source to 0.
3. After operation put the grinding head on the top of the mail panel.
4. When adjusting the speed, do not press the right switch button, wait for the handle stop and then press.
5. Furlong idle time,please disconnect the source power.
Packing list:
1. Control box *1pcs
2. Motor handpiece *1pcs
3. Foot control *1pcs
4. Handpiece stand *1pcs
5. Handpiece holder *1pcs
6. Manual *1pcs

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