1box Dental Metal Sectional Matrix System kit

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Special reinforced matirial ensures the appropriate strength and elasticity
For molars with regular crown,with short crown, deciduous teeth and other chanllenging areas
This kit include four types of sectional matrix,two different specifications of resin clamping ring.
Deliverying optional separation forces and buliding perfext contct each time
Tight contacts,excellent retention and separating teeth without impaction
Resin material has good elasticity and resilienceno deformation , can be autoclave
The sectional matrix bands can be easily shaped and embedded between the teeth.
Necessary parts for dental teeth filling treatment.
The sectional matrix bands is made of steel material, durable and convenient to use.
Sectional Matrix System contains:
Sectional Matrix Bands:30pcs(#1 5pcs,#2 10pcs,#3 10pcs,#4 5pcs)
Resin Clamping Ring-1pc
Resin Separating Ring-1pc

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