Dental LED Endo Motor Root Canal Endodontic Machine

DentalDenshineSKU: 48901095-us-plug

Type: US Plug



1.Big size color LCD ,rich information display
2.Touch button,simple and easy to use
3.Imported special motor,mute,big torque
4.Detachable handle LED lighting system,the operation vision is more clear
5. 16:1 interchangeable push button contra angle
Fit int NSK Endo-mate
6.Effective precision motor drive and multi frequency root canal measurement technology can
simultaneously achieve root canal measurement and prepatation
7.Including mainstream root canal expansion system,like Dentsply Wave one,VDW Reciproc,on need to set up ,just choose and use
8.High capacity rechargeable battery
9.Auto power off and memory function


1.Adaptor working voltage:AC100-240V,50/60Hz
2. 5 settings for adjustable rotational speed ranging form 150 to 650 rpm adjustable torque, (6-40mN.m)
Three working mode:
M1:Apex locator mode
M2:Endo motor mode
M3:Dual mode


3.Packing material:carton


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