5pcs 3ml Remineralization Gel Reducing Sensitivity Gel Remineralizes and Desensitizes Teeth

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1.Itis great for people who have sensitive teeth, and it can reduces sensitivity of your teeth aftertreatment.

2.Reduce pain and repair burned wounds After first treatment and can be used to makeup the mineral lost while the bleaching session.

3.Rich in vitamins and minerals, easily absorbed by the gums, strong gums and Enamel.

4.Safe for sensitive teeth,It is best to use the Remineralization Gel after using teeth whitening gel.

5.Remineralization Gel is also known as Desensitizing Gel. 

How to use :

1.Brush your teeth each time before using the Remineralization Gel. The Remineralization Gel is most effective on clean teeth.

2.Make sure that  the teeth trays are clean and dry. Moisture reduces the efficacy.

3.Apply a small amount gel around the bottom interior of the teeth tray.

4.Position the teeth tray over your teeth and pressgently so that the gel covers the entire surface of your teeth. Discard anyoverflow gel by spitting or wiping it from your mouth. Wear teeth trays asneeded from 5 to 60 minutes. 

5.Upon completion of your remineralization session, clean the teeth trays with warm water.

Package Includes:

5*Desensitizing Gel


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