10 Pack Dental Orthodontic Super Elastic Teeth Aligners

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Option1: 16x22 Upper


100pcs=10 Packs Dental Orthodontic Arch Wires Super Elastic NITI Round Natural Form

Advanced design:
1.Marks: The arch wires were offered with permanent midline marks on the preformed arch wire. And there are 3 midline marks on upper arch and 1 middle mark on lower arch.
2.Surface treatment: physical polishing.

The single greatest advantage of the premarked arch wire is the decrease in patient chair time made possible by eliminating repeated arch wire insertions to replace lost, smeared, or drifted wax marks. Adjustment bends can be made accurately and quickly with a reduction in discomfort to the patient.

1. 10pcs/pack
2. English Package
3. Used For Dental orthodontic treatment
4. Material: Ni-Ti(Nickel-Titanium)
5. Shape: natural form
6. Type: Round/Rectangular

Size available:
0.012 upper; 0.012 lower
0.014 upper; 0.014 lower
0.018 upper; 0.018 lower
0.016 upper; 0.016 lower
0.020 upper; 0.020 lower
0.016x0.016 upper, 0.016x0.016 lower
0.016x0.022 upper, 0.016x0.022 lower
0.017x0.025 upper, 0.017x0.025 lower
0.018x0.025 upper, 0.018x0.025 lower

Package:10 Packs,10pcs per pack.


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