Dental Bracket Passive Self Ligating Orthodontic Braces Roth.022 Hooks 345 with 1st Molar Buccal Tube

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Dental Passive Self Ligating Bracket Roth.022 345 with 1st Molar Buccal Tube

1) High elastic stainless steel clip ,easy to open and close, reduce chair time and increase treatment efficiency .
2) Smooth slots to reduce friction and shorten treatment time.
3) Laser technology to ensure stronger joint between mesh base and the body.
4) Gingival ligating wings to help finishing final ligating demand before end of the whole treatment.
5) Elastic sliding cover keeps better oral hygiene.
6) Fewer adjustment and fewer appointments through reduces friction and sliding mechanism.
7)Passive designed brackets for easier opening and closing,wire picking and placing without special tool.Opening force works on brackets other than teeth for patients' comfort
8)Special designed clip prevents deformation/falling off during installation/occlusion
9)Rounded and polished surface finishing conforms to ergonomics and for patients' comfort

1.Package : 24pcs /kit
2.Brackets Size:Roth
3.Brackets  Slot: 0.022
4.With Hooks: 3 4 5 hooks 
5.Buccal Tube Slot: Roth 0.022" 1st Molar

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