20pcs/Kit 3M Style Dental Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets Roth/MBT 022/018 345 Hooks Marked

denshineSKU: 620000196841-1157

Option1: MBT 018


3M Style Dental Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets

1. It's with the latest CIM ( Ceramic Micro Injection Molding) technology system , easy to center base's which facilitate placement on the tooth .
the slot are diamound cut , thus guaranteeing precision , accuracy even the base of the slot depth.
It is called invisible bracket as it color close to natural teeth and can't be perceived easily when used in mouth.
This Ceramic bracket doesn't contain any metal material, applicable to the patients who allergic to metal material.
2.Appication : To orthodontic the disorder teeth for patients.
3.Material: It is manufactured in polycrstalline cultrued alumina with a 99.99% transparency . The rounded edges result in a more comfortable bracket for the patient
4.Spec: roth 0.022"Slot .3,4,5with hook,Marked
5. Advanced Technique 3M style
6. package : 20pcs /kit

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