Stainless Steel Arch Wires Rectangular Oval Form Orthodontic Archwire Dentist Tool

denshineSKU: 620000196483-0555

Option1: 18x25Lower


Orthodontic Stainless steel Arch Wire
1. 10pcs/pack
2. English Package
3. Used for Dental orthodontic treatment
4. Material: Stainless steel
5. Type: Rectangular
6. Oval Form

Size Option:

0.016x0.016 upper, 0.016x0.016 lower
0.016x0.022 upper, 0.016x0.022 lower
0.017x0.022 upper, 0.017x0.022 lower
0.017x0.025 upper, 0.017x0.025 lower
0.018x0.022 upper, 0.018x0.022 lower
0.018x0.025 upper, 0.018x0.025 lower
0.019x0.025 upper, 0.019x0.025 lower

One pack just includes one size, not mixed pack 

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