10 PCS/Pack Dental Orthodontic Elastic Rubber Power Chain Rubber Bands

DentaldenshineSKU: 620000194709-4056

Option1: Short 10pcs


4.75m Length Dental Elastic Ultra Power Chain 10pcs/lot Colorful Rubber Spool Long/Short/Closed Distance Continuous High Strength


Length:4.75m    Length:4.75m    Length:4.75m   Length:4.75m   Length:4.75m
Dental Tool Orthodontic Elastic Colorful Ultra Power Chain Rubber Band 3 Types
  • A very useful rubber chain for dental use.

  • Three types for you to choose from, including closed type, short type and long type.

  • Made of high quality rubber, elastic, durable and sturdy.

Item Name:  Dental Rubber Chain
Material: Rubber
Features: Durable, Easy to Use, Portable, Useful, Elastic
Length: 475mm
Size:  Closed  2.8mm
          Short    3.6mm        
          Long    4.0mm
Package: 10 piece/lot
  • Orthodontic ligature chain, orthodontic appliances special materials.

  • Excellent stretch and rebound.

  • Giving superior elongation for easy application.

  • Rotate, Ligate, maintain or consolidate spaces easily and quickly.

  • Unique Heat-curing process enables chain to last longer than others.

  • Elasticity Remains active to one month, assuring faster tooth movemen


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