1:1 Radio Impression Mixing Dispensing Caulking Gun

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- Automatic mixing and delivery of impression materials made easy with this handgun cartridge dispenser.
- Universal fitting mixing gun
- Suitable Cartridge: 50ml
- Ratio: 1:1/2:1
- Function: Dispensing any-brand dental impression materials, bite registration materials, soft/hard relining materials, dual-cured composite resins, self-curing temporary crown &bridge resins etc.
- Brand New & Autoclavable
- Cartridge: 50ml (1:1 ,2:1)
- High Performance for Impression.
- Materials: Nylone + Reinforced Alloy

Component parts Introduction:

50ml dispensing gun:
No need Power and Air Pump. It is completely operated by hand, leggiere-design and easy to be taken. It is used for catalyst with mixing impression materials, silica gel or self-solidifying compound resins etc. The ratios of dispensing guns include 1: 1/2: 1, 4: 1/10: 1, with cream-colored gun body and black push rod. Two-component dispensing guns can avoid pollution when it is used for mixing adhesives, fast-occlusion silica gel and various impression materials.
50ml AB cartridge:
It is used for packing and storing temporary crown bridge, inlay, overlay and wainscot impression materials, silica gel or self-solidifying compound resins etc. It is used together with 50ml AB dispensing gun to directly squeeze the mixed impression materials, silica gel or self-solidify compound resins into the operating teeth or tray. This two-component cartridge avoids the cross contamination between matrix and catalyst.
Mixing Tips:
It is made used for fast-mixing low-viscosity and fast-low-viscosity silica gel, which is mainly operated together with 50ml AB cartridge. Mixing tips have the function for mixing and stirring, which make two different liquid materials mix automatically and continuously.
Inter-oral Tips:
It is used for inter-oral squeezing low-viscosity and fast-low- viscosity silica gel, which is operated together with mixing tips and 50ml AB cartridge. These inter-oral tips can directly squeeze impression materials on the operating teeth and the around.

Package list:

1 x 1:1 Radio Dental Impression Mixing Dispenser Dispensing Gun Caulking Gun

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