Dental Multi-Function Medical Cart Rolling Trolley with a Water Bottle

DentaldenshineSKU: 370532



High gloss acrylic smooth countertop, seamless bonding, smooth edge banding and smooth corners do not cut hands.
Fine workmanship and reasonable distribution. Three layer design convenient placement of small instruments and equipment put a variety of instruments, appliances and medicines.
Invisible three-section damped rail, at the bottom of the retainer.
The socket board is convenient and practical, suitable for use of devices.
Firm and durable, easy to push effortless.
Size: 83*42*45cm
Table: High gloss acrylic countertops
Cabinet: high light acrylic + PVC internal pumping + electric water supply system
Guide rail: imported heavy duty three invisible belt damping seif-suction guide rail
Shake hands: fine cast steel handle
Wheel: silicone mute with bearing with brake casters
Power supply: Rear socket Power cord 1.8m
Standard configuration: 1 instrument tray, 1 water bottle
Single gross weight: 20KG
1* Mobile Cart

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