Dental Implant Elevation Kit Stoppers Sinus Lift Instruments

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Simple & easy access to sinus cavity • Broad exposure of bony walls with special instruments
is an advanced sinus lifting kit. The drills are internally irrigated,
designed to create hydraulic pressure that protects the sinus membrane
when drilling.
The DASK kit contains 3 drills for the lateral
approach, 3 drills for the crystal approach, 4 drill stoppers and 4
sinus hand instruments.
The drills are internally irrigated to create an umbrella effect to reduce the risk of a potential perforation to the sinus.
Crestal ApproachDASK Drill #1
DASK Drill #2
DASK Drill #3XRT 332035
XRT 372035
XED 331035D
Lateral ApproachDASK Drill #4
DASK Drill #5
DASK Drill #6XRT 064025
XRT 084025
XST 083025
DASK Drill #1~5 : Drill speed 800 to 1,200 rpm, 30~45Ncm with internal irrigation
DASK Drill #6 : Drill speed 800 to 1,200 rpm, 30~45Ncm with external irrigation
Stopper For XRT332035, XRT372035, XED331035D
Drilling DepthLArt.No.
0810.6XFDST 08
0612.6XFDST 06
0614.6XFDST 04
0216.6XFDST 02
Sinus Elevation Instrument
Art. NO

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