Endo Broken File Removal Instrument Set Root Canal File Extractor Clinic Dentista

denshinedentistSKU: 3256804978071739-Files Extractor-A

Color: Files Extractor-A



Origin: Mainland China

Commodity Quality Certification: UL

Material: Metal

Size: Dental root canal extractor

Model Number: BG-EP03

Feature 1: Odontologia

Feature 2: Dental files extractor

Feature 3: Dental root canal file extractor

Feature 4: Hilaya Medical

Feature 5: Dentistry equipment

Feature 6: dentistry materials

Feature 7: pro taper dental

Feature 8: dental dentistry equipment

Feature 9: tools

Feature10: cleaning tools

Feature 11: k or

Feature 12: sonic

Feature 13: Endo files

Feature 14: cleaning tools

Feature 15: Files

Feature 16: dental drill bits

Feature 17: dental tools

Feature 18: endodontic rotary file

Feature 19: fiber post dental screw glass

Feature 20: Rotary tool

Feature 21: Dental Root Fragment Remover

Feature 22: Endo File Removal

Feature 23: dental laboratory material

Feature 24: root applicator

Feature 25: dental equipment

Feature 26: ortodonti

Feature 27: dental matrice

Feature 28: dental laboratory files extractor

Feature 29: Micro rotary tool

Feature 30: free shipping

Feature 28: SOCO/COXO

Feature 31: broken file removal kit

Product Description:

Product name:Dental Broken File Extractor

Usage:Remove broken file, delivery paste


1 . The equipment can be used directly under a microscope , and the sleeve can be clamped by pushing the end of the handle to push the cap to clamp the broken tool and take out the broken tool or other foreign matters in the root canal ;

2 . The bending wrench can adjust the bending angle of the clamping sleeve according to the position of the affected tooth . The factory bending is 45 degrees , The maximum adjustable angle is 90 degrees ;

3 . This equipment can be used repeatedly and is not sterile

Dental Endodontic Treatment Broken Instrument Endo File Removal System Tool Set


1. Adopt clip-on file to minimize damage to teeth.

2. Equipped with three different sizes of work tips and it can meet multiple clinical needs.

3. Pre-bent work tip for easier operation.

4. Clamping and locking design helps you catch every broken file.

5. Stainless steel circumcision trocar, more corrosion resistant.

6. Circumcision trocar needle and clamping needle core made of nickel-titanium alloy, anti-fatigue, and anti-fracture


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