60W Dental Vacuum Cleaner Laboratory Equipment Vacuum Polishing Machine

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Note: The power of this vacuum cleaner is 60w, which is used for dust absorption and lighting. It cannot be used for industrial vacuum cleaners. If you mind not to place an order, if you need more power, please buy sku: 370030


A dust collector + Square tray cover(A built-in board)
Voltage: AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Power: 60w
Airflow: 52.45CFM (1.2m³/min)
◆  3-way dust collector.360° flexible rotation square tray&Catheter
◆  The square tray dust collector can easily clean the table dust. Make the table clean and tidy.
◆  Three LED spotlight are built in the front end of the catheter. In addition to collecting dust, it can also be used as lighting.
◆  Reduce the 96.41 of PM 2.5. Reduce dust and protect the health of users.
◆  The filter is replaceable and the maintenance is very convenient.
◆  The service life of the motor is about 10,000hrs.
About the filter plate:
◆  If the suction is weakened, clean or replace the new filter plate. (It is suggested that every THREE MONTHS be replaced or according to the frequency of use).
◆  If there is too much dust in the filter board, the reverse flow will occur when the filter is used.
Use of attention:
◆  Do not insert your finger into the fan.
◆  Be careful not to let the water enter the machine.
◆  The filter board can not be washed with water.
◆  Keep out of reach of children.
Note: Disposable filters are not disinfected(sterilization) and need to be replaced regularly.

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