Dental Lab Alginate Centrifuge Impression Denture Material Mixer

DentalDenshineSKU: 51734488-110v

Voltage: 110V



1. Streamline modeling, perfect design, smart constrction
2. Electric lock and motor brake gear ensure operational security
3. High-power and high-speed motor, fine viscosity and perfect mixture
4. Easy to operation, harmonious, no bubbles
5. 3 programs setting for memory the mixing time(install setting: 6,8,10 seconds)
1. Voltage: AC110V 50/60Hz; AC220V 50/60Hz
2. Consumer power: 350-400W
3. Timer: 1-10 seconds
4. Revolution: 2900-3600 rpm
5. Volume: 40*33*45cm
6. G.W.: 26kg
7. N.W.: 23kg
8. Packing material: wooden
Packing List:
Main unit*1
Mixing cup*4
Water dosing bottle*1
Magnetic basket*1
Stirrer stick*1
Spatula *1
Power cord*1

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