Dental Universal Implant Torque Wrench Electric Torque Driver Wrench Ratchet

DentalDenshineSKU: 189885




Torque Wrench:10-40Ncm
Medical Grade Stainless Steel
100% Top Quality
135°C Autoclavable, the box can also be sterilized. (Hardware handles and screws can be sterilized with high-temperature and high-pressure steam together with the box, and electronic handles can only be wiped with alcohol on the surface.)
Drivers 0.9 (Long+Short)
Drivers 1.0(Long+Short)
Drivers 1.2(Long+Short)
Drivers 1.25(Long+Short)
Drivers 1.27(Long+Short)
Drivers 1.4(Long+Short)
Drivers NOB(Long+Short)
Drivers ITI (Long+Short)


1 * Wrench
16 * Drivers

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