Dental Teeth Whitening Gel Kit Powder for Professional LED Lamp Teeth Whitening Machine Bleaching Unit

DentaldenshineSKU: 570115



1.This teeth whitening kit is comfortable and more faster whitening results.
2.Reduce the risk of pollution during production, ensure the stability of the gel
3.The freshly adjusted glue(powder and liquid) has higher activity and better whitening effct.
4.Featured with excellent hydrophilicity,adhesive and permeability,the whitening gel can rapidly oxidize the teeth through the dentin tubes,restoring them to a beautiful white in 30 minutes
5.This professional teeth bleaching kit is Suit for:
*all the people who want a more beautiful smile
*teeth discolored by smoking
*teeth discolored by coffee
*teeth discolored by wine/tea
*teeth discolored by medicines such as tetracycline...
1).Used together with teeth whitening lamp,
2).One set teeth whitening kit can be used for 3-5 patients
Package Included:
1 *Gingival Protection
1*Gum protector tip
3*Catalyst powder
3*Whitening liquid(hydrogen peroxide)
4*application brush
1* instruction book
1*shade guide

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