Dental Teeth LED Whitening Lamp Bleaching With Remote Control 3 Colors

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Voltage: 110V


1. With high-efficiency and high-power blue LED lights can speed catalyze whitening gel,effectively ensure the whitening effect.
2.Come with high sensitive infrared remote control,you can remotely control it when you working.And movable small base size design, more suitable for dental clinic,hospitals and beauty salons.
3.Equiped with 2 Mouth Sheath,which is repeated usage and autoclave 134℃,10pcs 13" x 18" Disposable Dental Bibs,it is comfortably fit kids and adults.
4. 6 powerful blue LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light and 4 powerful red LED tubes emit red light.
5. Special design, innocuous silica gel muzzle, make sure stopping intersectional infection.
6. The new model of power supply make sure steady power output and long- time continuous working even in some cities and places with mutative voltage.
7. Time display is suitable for human design, and could shows treatment time to help dentist master treating time and progress and reduce the waiting time of patient.
8. There are three light modes: blue light; purple light; red light:
A, Blue light is for accelerating the gel decomposition. The normal whitening gel in the market is use the blue light.
B, Purple light, some of the special teeth whitening gel needs the purple light. If the gel doesn’t ask for the purple light, we don’t need use the purple light.
C, Red light can increase the activity of cells, promote cell metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, to eliminate the effect of inflammation of the treatment. After the whitening finished, if the guests feel a sense of pain, We can use the red light for 10~15 minutes, If no pain, no need to irradiation.
Input: AC100-240, 50/60HZ
Power: 36 W,12V/3A
Light Output power: >6000 mW/cm2
LED: 6pcs blue LED,4pcs red LED
Light size: 30*80mm
Light timing:0-20mins
Dental bibs material: 2-ply paper + 1-ply PE film
Dental bibs size:13" x 18"/33cm×44.5cm
Package includes:
1*Power adapter
1*Remote control
2*mouth sheath
4*Mouth opener
10*Dental Disposable Patient Bibs
1* manual

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