50PCS Dental Sectional Matrix Bands

DentalDenshineSKU: 50609338-4-5mm-standard

Color: 4.5mm Standard


Material: Metal Matrices
Size: 4.5MM/6.0MM
Model: Standard/Curved
Autoclavable: No
Usage: Disposable
Function :
1.The tapered neck makes them easier to place and provides better visibility and reduces congestion
2.Pre-contoured strip, close contact
3.Sliding band deflectors create a band Angle that allows the teeth to fit more tightly
4.Smooth edges enhance patient comfort
5.Easy to use tightening mechanism to achieve the required degree of fit
6.Single use prevents cross contamination
7.Flexible enough to get a good point of contact (even with composite prosthesis)
8.This is especially useful when cross-sections cannot be used (e.g., large gaps between teeth, missing adjacent teeth, amalgam restorations, etc.)
Sizes Available:
4.5mm Standard
4.5mm Curved
6mm Standard
6mm Curved
(6mm for molar,4.5mm for premolar and kids)

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