Dental reciprocating endodontic root canal Niti main file inner canal rotary file

denshineSKU: 620000205961-4539

Option1: 4pcs Blue


1.Material:made of high quality controlled memory NITI wire,heat activated,prebending
3.Cross Section:S
4.Size/Taper: 10/.04 15/.05 20/.06 25/.06
1.One easy and safe system from preparation to obturation
2.Easy to switch from manual to mechanical root canal preparation
3.Simple: One sequence for all canals
4.Single Length: All instruments are brought to full working length
1.Reliable mechanical glide path, efficient dentine removal, effective shaping and safe preparation of all canal anatomies.
2.Intelligent Design – Superior Cutting Efficiency and Flexibility
3.For an efficient root canal preparation
4.Each instrument has a specific design to ensure fast and safe preparation
5.Reliable mechanical glide path preparation with instrument sizes 10/.04 and 15/.05
6.Large, constant helical angle and hence more spirals for increased instrument stability
7.Efficient dentine removal and precise shaping with instrument sizes 20/.06 and 25/.06 8.Active cutting blades and a progressive pitch enable efficient dentine removal and excellent lateral cutting ability

Description of Golden Kit:
This file promotes a comprehensive treatment solution and optimises predictable successful outcomes.
1.Increased safety margin, by always using files with maximum fatigue resistance potential.
2.Reduced risk of cross-contamination, which can occur when instruments are reused
3.Maximized cutting efficiency,shortens the shaping time.
Small 020/07
Primary 025/07(Glide path preparation)
Medium 035/06
Large 045/05

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