Dental Nickel Titanium Heat Activation Root Canal File Endodontic Rotary Files 6Pcs/Box

denshineSKU: 620000202337-9802

Option1: 25mm 04 35



Length: 21mm, 25mm

Size: Assorted 08/17 02/19 04/20 04/25 06/25 04/35

New Generation Nickel Titanium Alloy

1. Very flexible and adaptable,

2. Stronger anti-fatigue properties,

3. Adaptation of root canal patterns, maintaining the original root canal patterns.

4. Avoid training.

SC-PRO Series Usage Time

Anterior teeth: 30 root canals

Posterior teeth: 15 root canals (or 5 posterior teeth) are recommended

The preparation of curved root canals can cause great damage to the instrument, so it is recommended to use it once!

SC-PRO series sterilization method

Only for autoclave

1. Use a cleaning pad or a soft brush to remove the accessories on the surface of the file.

2. Clean with a cotton ball with alcohol

3. Keep the file clean and dry

4. Packaged in a sterile bag or box

5. Three times the pre-vacuum autoclave

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