6pcs/box Dental Endo Root Files 25mm SX-F3 Root Canal Universal Dentist Tool

denshineSKU: 620000198750-4077

Option1: 6pcs 25mm


6pcs/box Dental Endo Root Files 25mm SX-F3 Root Canal Engine Use Rotary NiTi Alloy File Machine Taper Universal Dentist Tool




  • Material: NiTi

  • Continuous Multi-taper design, each file has its own specific work area.

  • Convex triangular cross-section, providing high cutting efficiency.

  • Improved design of the tip is gentle so that to avoid damage to the root canal wall.

  • Design of the pluralism and spiral groove angle to minimize embedding into the root canal wall in the rotation process.


  • Name: Dental Endo Root Files

  • Length:25 mm/0.98'' (approx.) and 21mm

  • Quantity:1Pack(6pcs)

  • Package includes:6Pcs x Dental Rotary Universal Engine Files

  • Weight:65g

  • Size of box: 13x4x4cm


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