135℃ Autoclavable Dental Endo File Root Canal Instrument 25mm Dentistry Rotary Endodontic

denshineSKU: 620000195826-2628

Option1: 25MM Assorted



Material:Nickel Titanium Alloy
Purple  13/02  White   16/02  Yellow  19/02
135℃ autoclavable
Files must be sterilized before use
With increased flexibility and more resistance to cyclic fatigue
Offering  advantages compared to manual stainless steel files
Suitable for curved canals
More flexible than  K-files
Size         Speed             Torque
(r/min)         (N.cm)
#13/02           350               1.5
#16/02             350                 1.5
#19/02         350                 1.5

●Establish Straight Line Access
●Use K-file #10 identify the working length with an Apex Locator followed by irrigation
●Use #13/16/19 to working length followed by irrigation


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