Dental Endodontic Files Engine/Hand Niti/Stainless Steel Drill Universal

denshineSKU: 620000195278-4234

Option1: H-Files 15-40 Niti


H-Files 15-40 Ss

H-Files 15-40# Stainless Steel

K-Files 15-40 Ss

K-Files 15-40# Stainless Steel

Reamers 15-40 Ss

Reamers 15-40# Stainless Steel

C-Files 08-15 Ss

C-Files 08-15 # Stainless Steel

K-Flex 15-40 Ss

K-Flex 15-40 # Stainless Steel

H-Files 15-40 Niti

H-Files 15-40# Niti

K-Files 15-40 Niti

K-Files 15-40 Niti

Reamers 15-40 Niti


This product may be intended for use by a health care professional use only. The seller may ask you to evidence you are a qualified health care professional entitled to buy and use such products in your country.

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