Dental Portable Suction Unit Medical Vacuum Pump 370W

DentaldenshineSKU: 370351




1. Non-stop working, high performance, maximum hygiene, and ergonomic.
2. Do not require any special equipment or assistance.
3. Comfortably located next to dental chair.
4. Facilitate all sort of dental treatments.
5. Assist very well during dental unit's suction failure or insufficiency.
6. High technology motor work 8-10 hours continuously and without regular maintenance
7. Especially designed, minimize advanced technical support, easily removed.
8. Cabinet designed for maximum agronomy and minimum acoustic and noise level.
9. Cabinet produced for maximum air circulation against heating by ring blower.
10. Air/water separator with electronic level control and automatic auxiliary draining pump.
11. Protected against electro-shock.
12. Anti-vibration system and silencer for the exhauster air and non stop suction motor's noise

Input :220V/50HZ
Input power: 370W
Maximum pressure:11kPa
Vacuum degree: -11kPa
Noise: 53dB
motor revolution: 2800r/min
Package includes:
1*main body


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