Wireless Endodontic Dental Oral Endo Root Canal Gutta Percha Obturation Pen Gun

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1.2-in-I system makes filling more easier and convenient.

2.Adopt 0.5 megapixel OLED LCD display.

3.Temperature ad justment digital display, temperature ad justment is more convenient.

4.Small body and more ergonomic.

5.Rapid heating for improved operating efficiency.

6.Digital display of battery power,Work status display.

7.There is a buzzer sound during operatio.

A.Filling Gun:

1. Wireless 3D filling design.

2. Comfortable holding and easy to operate.

3 .Accurate temperature control and thermal protector cap can prevent accidental scald.

4. Gun needle screw design can effectively prevent excessive glue.

5. It can be heated to 220℃ in 45s, which can melt all kinds of gutta percha.

5. Large battery capacity can use longer time.

7. Auto idle power saving mode, the device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use.

B. Filling Pen

1. Wireless design, easy to operate and light body.

2. Adjustable hot needle size and temperature mode, gutta perchavertical condensation technique can compress gutta percha more compact.

3. Own heating protection function, the heating maximum time of heater is 5s, more efficient and secure.

4. Heating key 360℃ stereo operation, accurate top control , 3D filling more thoroughly.

5. The heater can be heated to 220℃ in 5s.


A.Filling Gun:

Rechargeable lithium batteries: 3.7V 2800mAh

Working temperature: 100 to 220℃

Power adapter:

Input voltage: 100-240V AC

Output voltage: DC5-12V, 2A

Operating time: continuous use 1h

B. Filling Pen:

Rechargeable lithium batteries: 3.7 V 2800mAh

Working temperature: 100-300℃

Power adapter:

Input voltage: 100-240V AC

Output voltage: DC5-12V, 2A

Operating time: continuous use 0.5h

Package Included:

1* Obturation Gun

1*charging cradle

4*heating tips(F,FM,M,ML,each one)


1*pushing rod

2*thermal protector

1* Obturation Pen


1*pen tips (3pcs)



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