Dental Matrix Ring Clamp Ring Medium/Small Size For Molar/High-crown,Premolar/Low-crown

DentaldenshineSKU: 381485

Type: Orange Medium


Main body is made of NITI material with super elasticity to get stable and reliable clamping force .
The ring is not easy to deform , with good resilience and long life span.
Special design in the front part of the ring makes it easy and safe to hold and remove the forceps.
Main part of tips is made of PEEK with elasticity , resilience and strength .
It is firmly combined with the ring and get a firm retention on the tooth , not easy to fall off and stick to resin .
It generates stable dental separation force on the adjacent teeth and forms tight contact to avoid impactions.
Contact area of tips is made of elastic silicon which makes sectional matrix bands get tight contact and fit for anatomy of marginal ridge.
Size:Orange Medium/Blue Small
Orange Medium For:Molar/High-crown,
Blue Small For:Premolar/Low-crown
Orange Medium Height:6.3mm
Blue Small Height:4.8mm

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