Dental matrix bands kit Refill Wedge With Forceps

DentaldenshineSKU: 381382



1.The Ordinary matrix band designed with hole protrusions, convenient to clamp, place and take out the formed piece.
2.Subgingival matrix band extend the bottom on the basis of the conventional watercress forming sheet, suitable for repairing the defect close to the neck of the tooth.
3.Clamping ring can fix the two ends of the interdental space and make full contact with the wedge for more accurate positioning.
4.Forceps with Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely both mesially and distally.
Package Include:
80*Ordinary matrix band(40 each size: Medium,Large)
120*Subgingival matrix band(40 each size: Small,Medium,Large)
144*plastic poly-wedge(24 each kind)
20*Add-On Wedges
20*Elastic wedges
2*Clamping ring
2*Spring clip
1* Tweezers


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