Dental Induction Light LED Oral Lamp For Unit Chair

DentalDenshineSKU: 8193424-22mm Connector 6LED

Color: 22mm 6LED


◆ Removable handle, easy and convenient to clean, install and uninstall.
◆ LED lamp adopting the infrared non-contact proximity switches and step-less adjustable control.
◆ Using a mechanical quick release handle, which contributes to easier cleaning and the position can be multi-angle adjustable.
◆ With triaxial linkage design, we can get the best luminance position and angle when operating.
Connection: 22mm/26mm
Net weight:Approx.1.5kg
Light source: LED
Luminance: 7000lux-32000lux
Color temperature: Cold 5000K
Input voltage: AC 12V-24V
Control method: infrared sensor control / manual
Working environment temp: 5~40℃
Packing list:
1 oral LED lamp
2 handles
1 wiper
1 wrench

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