35pcs Dental Lab Silicone Polisher Burs for Composite Resin+1pc 60 holes Holds

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1.35pcs set of diamond silicone burs for dental applications

2.Great for noble metal, ceramics and so on

3.Conducting smooth precise high-quality processing

4.Long life - durability is increased over 10 times longer than high-speed steel cutting tools and over 200 times longer than wheels

5.Safe, reliable and easy to use

6.Total processing cost could be lowered down several times

7.Diameter 2.35mm

Bur Holder Box 60 Slot (Round)

1.Autoclavable and sturdy. Cover top provides extra securily 

during cleansing and autoclave process.

2.Conveniently accessible from all sides



3.Content:60 slot

Package Include:

35Pcs Dental Lab Ceramic Silicone Polisher Burs +1 Round Burs 

Block Holder

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