Dental Implant Guide System Kit Thermoplastic Film Molding Discs Locator Positioning Guide Plate

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Product Instructions

1.Make the research plaster model,accroding to the top[-bone condition,the direction of the long axis of adjacent teeth,the occlusal state and son on,indicate the positio of implantation on the section of the model,and measure the angle and direction of implantation visually.

2.Use a ∅2.3mm drill to enter specified position,then insert with a guide rod to determine an ideal hole track.

3.Use tweezers to place the system in a glassware with hot water at about 70℃ until the color of the thermoplasticfilm becomes completely transparent.

4.Take out the system,pass the positioning porcelain ring through the guide rod,cover and make the retention on the adjacent teeth.

5.Pull out the guide rod,remove the dental implant guide system from the research plaster model,try it on the patient's mouth,check its postion and retention,test the reange of the implant site and the effect of positioning,then adjut and modify,and sterilize for use.(dipping sterilization).


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