Large LCD Display Dental Implant Brushless Motor Implant Surgical System Machine

DentaldenshineSKU: 189734

Type: US Plug


1. Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation.
2. Brushless motor's speed is from 300--50000 rpm. High torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment.Maximum torque is,Powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone
3.Unmatched stability, no overheating, silent.Intelligent cooling system,Inner and external channel cooling and wash.
4.Easy and flexible multi functional foot pedal, could achieve all the operating functions.
5. High performance big LED screen control system, make you control it easily.10 kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose and 10 setting program, preset the speed of air motor, cool down the liquid amount and torque, reverse and specific speed.
Maximum output power: 120W
Power: AC110V/230V 50/60Hz;
Adjustable torque ,range:
BLDC Speed: 300rpm-50000rpm
Infusion flow(maximum): 150ml/min
Motor: Surgical brushless motor
Packing material: Aluminum box
Package Includes:
1*Main control unit
1*Foot pedal
1*Electric wire
1*Motor with wire
1*Water supply bottle holder
1*Motor holder
8*Pipe clasp
1*Y type isocon
1*Internal waterspray nozzle
1*Contra angle for implant
1*Prevent steam bolt
1*Water supply pipe


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