Dental Hygiene Kit 8 PCS Teeth Cleaning Tools Set Pick Mirror Floss Brushes

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Tooth Brush: Full head of end rounded Nylon bristles.

Dental Toothpick: Combined dental floss and toothpick for easy use.

Interdental Brush: To thoroughly clean the space between your teeth.

Dental Stain Eraser: Helps efficiently erase heavy plaque build up and food deposits.

Dental Floss: Remove plaque from between your teeth and along the gum lone where a toothbrush can not reach.

Dental Mirror: Helps you check those hard to see areas for easy self-inspection.

Fit for: Adults

Materials: Plastic, Bristle

Color:green,blue ,red(Random delivery)

Package includes:

1 x Toothbrush

1 x Tongue Cleaner

1 x Mouth mirror

1 x Toothpick

3 x Floss

1 x Stain Eraser

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