High CRI LED Portable Surgical Dental Head Lamp For Oral

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1. This product uses 3W high-power international brand LED as the light source, highlighting and displaying long life. The head-mounted inspection lamp (hereinafter referred to as the headlight) is mainly composed of a lamp holder, a silicone soft belt, a body power supply treasure, a USB charging line and a charger.
2. The product has been designed with optical structure, uniform light distribution, clear and bright spot, and physical heat dissipation design. The lampshade is made of silicone soft tape, which is safe, comfortable and sterilizable.
3. This product is integrated with light and electricity. It is ultra-light and aesthetically designed. It is lightweight and high-end grade. It is suitable for oral, cosmetic, round-trip, ENT, pet inspection lighting.
.LED light source,color temperature stability,high CRI,high brightness.
.USB connector,meet many choice when charging.
Technical Parameter
.Voltage:AC90-240V 50-60Hz
.Input Power:≤5VA
.Blub Power:LED 3W
.Color temperature:5000±500K
.Lamp life:50000h
.DC charging time:5h
.DC power supply time:2.5h
.Package size:200*130*70mm
.Packing material: carton

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