Digital Sensor X-ray Radiovisiograph High-Frequency Lenght 2.8m Dentistry Intraoral Digital System H D Image Tools

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ental X-ray Sensor/dental digital sensor/portable dental xray/dental x-ray with radiovisograph
intraoral mirrors dentistry,dental magnifying glass for dentistry

Product Introduction

Superior Hardware Quality
1 Stable:Over 50000+without imaging quality loss
2 Reliable:Durable material and components
3Practical:Compact overall design,Space-saving, Chair-sideshooting, High resolution

ProfessionalHigh Technology

1 CMOS detector technologywith CSI scintillator
2 Ensures optimal resolutionLow dose clinical imaging

AED Technology

1 Automatic exposure detection
2 Fast imaging, easy workflow
3 compatible with different X-ray generators

High-speed Direct USB interface
Easy to connect to PCs withoutneeding an additional control box
Ergonomic Design
Rounded corner, smooth edges, flexible Cable
Ultra-slim design
4.4mm sensor, enables maximum patient comfort
Durable Robustcable connection
80000+ times bending tested
Brilliant Waterproof Performance
3Practical:Compact overall design,Space-saving, Chair-sideshooting, High resolution

Before using

• Please check whether the USB connector is dry or clean before connecting the USB connector
• Please hold the control box of the USB when plugging the USB connector, do not touch the pin of USB connector

During using


AED Technology
3Practical:Compact overall design,Space-saving, Chair-sideshooting, High resolution

Software Included

Cable length: 3m
The Complete Image Solution:
excellent combination of DR Pad & its base
pre-installed software
multiple USB ports for diverse needs
build an instant connect with users

Packing List:

1 Box*1
2 Sensor*1
3 USB Flash Disk(Software)
4 Sensor Holder*1
5 Dongle
6Protective sleeve

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