Dental Apex Locator Endo Root Canal Material Portable Anti-interference Accurate Measurement Equipment

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Option1: C-Root Mini



a) Advanced multi-frequency network technology of apex location and automatic calibr atingensures the measur ements are accurate.

b) The File clip, Lip hoak and Touch probe can be sterilized by autoclaved sterilizer.

c) The buzzer will alert when the file is less than 2mrm closed to the apex.


Dimensions: 110mm (Length) x 67mm (Width) x. 52mm (Height)

Weight: 93g

Battery: 3.7V/750mAh

Adapter: DC 5V/1A

Consumption power:≤0.5W

Screen:3.2' LCD

Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the file is less than 2mm closed to the apex.

Operation condition

a) Environment temperature: 0~40℃

b) Relative humidity: 10~85%RH

c) Atmosphere pressure: 60kPa~106kPa

Packing list

1*Main Device

2*Lip hook

2*Measuring Files

1*Measuring wire

2*File clip

1*Touch probe



1* English Manual

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