48pcs/box Children's Primary Molar Crown Stainless Steel Temporary Protection Dental Orthodontic Tools

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Option1: 1 BOX


Name: Dental Stainless Steel Crown
Type: Kids Primary Molar Crown
Material: Stainless Steel
Packaging: 48pcs/box

There are 48 different sizes of the crown.
The meaning of the D is 1st molar
The meaning of the E is 2nd molar
The meaning of the U and L are upper and lower
L and R are left side and right side
The number is size of the crown
Role: It makes room for permanent tooth by protecting damaged tooth until permanent tooth comes out
Indication for use:
1.Used temporarily before the cruption of permanent tooth.
2.Used for the restoration of the function of damaged tooth.

1: Measure the tooth and select the deciduous tooth.
2: removing the tooth in order to fit the deciduous tooth.
3: Placing the temporary deciduous tooth.
(checking occlusion and marking the control area of the deciduous tooth)
4: Scissoring and trimming.
5: Evaluating the suitability by placing the deciduous tooth again.
6: Finishing and Polishing.
7: Cementation.
8: Checking occlusion finishing.

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