Dental Broken Screw Remover Implant Pickup Kit Implant Ratchet Wrench

denshineSKU: 620000202462-2622

Option1: Whole set


Dental Implant Broken Fixation Screw Extractor Kit

Complete Kit contents:

Wrech x1
Remove drill x1
Remove Tap x1
Remove Bar x1
Sub. Hex 2.1 x1
Sub. Hex 2.2 x1
Sub Non-Hex 22N x1
Sub Non-Hex 16N x1
Internal 16" x1
Sub.22" x1
16" Mini
Cover Screw Remove x1

Failed Implant Fixture Remove Screws
3Sizes Available: 1.6/1.8, 2.0/2.5, Slim

Fixture Remover Screw For Failed Implant Or Implant Marginal Bone Loss By Excessive Torque,
Remove The Implant Fixture In Safety.
In case that Fixture remover screw cannot be separated from the fixture because of excessive torque,
forceps or mini vise can be used to grab and loosen the fixture by turning clockwise 

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