Dental Implant Torque Wrench Handpiece Ratchet Latch Headband 16 Piece Driver 5-35 7

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Dental Implant Torque Wrench Handpiece Ratchet Latch Head 16PCS Drivers 5-35 7 Torque Levels Dentist Dentistry Tools

1.Precision instrument equipped with a torque adjustment system for screwing prosthetic components
2.7 torque levels (5 to 35 and universal connection of the prosthetic mandrels
3.Micro head and ergonomic handle
4.Reduced amplitude of movement compared with tightening using a ratchet wrench
5.Only 160g for a better freedom of movement
6.Universal torque wrench, recommended with most type of implants
7.135°C Autoclavable
Warranty:1 Year
Drivers:(shank diameter 2.35mm)

Wrench Body *1pc
Spare Latch Type Head *1pc
Drivers *16pcs 

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