Dental Extraction Surgical Instrument Turbo Pneumatic Lifter with 5 Tip Tools 4 Holes

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Feature Pneumatic

Compatible 4 holes

Application Extraction surgery

Material Steel

Installation and debugging before use

Special reminder: This product is provided in a
non-sterile state and needs to be cleaned, disinfected and installed before use
for the first time.


(1)Turn off the cooling water and atomization

(2)Choose a suitable lifter according to the
different positions of the patient's extracted teeth

(3)Connect the dental pneumatic pneumatic source
connector to the universal connector of the dental treatment machine to make it
tightly connected.


(1)Hold the handle with one hand, and pull the
handle tightly along the shaft axis with the index finger and thumb at the same

(2)With the other hand, insert the tail of the
head into the link hole, and turn the head slightly to insert the head into
position. At this time the head cannot rotate freely.

(3)Loosen the tappet lock sleeve to reset it

(4)The push-pull head has a slight movement
range, but it will not come out.


(1)Before connecting the dental pneumatic dental
elevator for trial use, check again whether the cooling water and atomizing gas
switches are in the off state.

(2)Step on the pedals with break points to check
whether the pneumatics are normal.

(3)Whether there is leakage at the connection
with the gas source connection head.

(4)Whether the pressure of the air pressure
indicator is above 0.3Mpa during the start-up and operation, and it needs to be
adjusted if it is lower than the pressure.

Method of operation

①Use a pen-shaped handle, and then place the
sharp edge in the periodontal space first.

②At the same time. The blade plane faces the
teeth ,and the blade plane is in line with the periodontal space.

③ Continue to step on the pedal, wedging the
sharp edge into the depth ofthe part (1.2mm)

④Rotate the tappet in a smaller range to
increase the gap: detect whether the tappet is located in the center of the
periodontal gap Judge the size of the periodontal gap, and prevent the tappet
from being clamped.

⑤Repeat wedge + rotation to deepen the jib wedge
to a predetermined depth, and then change the wedge position, the method is the
same as the above. (When using for the first time, the depth of the wedge is
slightly shallower)

Matters needing attention

①The straight blade enters the periodontal space pneumatically.

②Prevent maxillary sinus and neural tube during use.

③Be cautious and use force

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