ES-20 Electrosurgical Equipment Dentistry Oral Surgery Orthodontic Period

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Function :
Function: this device is used for the fast and precise incision and coagulation of soft tissue and is used in medical institutions.

1. Safe/Professional/Effective/Convenient
2. Incision and coagulation can be adjusted freely
3.Seven pieces high performance and hyperfine electrodes
4. Reliable and compact unit
5. Excellent therapeutic control
6. The whole set of electrode holder is light and autoclavable
7. Innovative conductive bracelet (Neutral Electrode) 8. 30 watts is enough for greater

Supply voltage: 115VAC / 230VAC
Supply frequency: 50 Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption: 170 VA to 230 VA
Max power output: 30W
Characteristic impedance: 600Ω
Output impedance range: 100Ω to 2000Ω
Output voltage: 650V PP - P = 10, W=1
Output frequency: 1.2MHz ± 0.2MHz
Warranty: 1 year for main unit and half year for spare parts from selling time

Main unit dimensions: 23 x 26 x 11cm
Main unit weight: 1.5kg
Net weight: 2.0kg
Gross weight: 3.0kg
Box dimensions: 37 x 37 x 17cm
Operating temperature: +10℃ to +30℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
Operating relative humidity: 30% to 75%
Storage relative humidity: 10% to 100% including condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 80KPa to 10
Altitude : ≤2000 met

Packing List:
1.Main Unit x1
2.Electrode Holder x1 with cord
3.Wired Foot switch x1
4.Power Cable x1 with grounding
5.Electrode Holder Silicone Pad x2
6.Bracelet (Neutral Electrode) x1 with cord
7.Electrodes x7 7 pcs/box
8.User Manual x1
9.Warranty Card x1
10.Packing List x1
11.Quick Guide x1 

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