1unit Dental Dentist obturation endo system/warm gutta-percha obturation gun

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Obturation Gun

1.Wiress 3D Filling design.
2.Comfortable holding and easy to operate.
3.Accurate temperature-control and thermal protector cap can prevent accidental scald.
4.Gun needle screw design can effectively prevent excessive glue.
5.It can be heated to 230℃ in 15s, which can melt all kinds of gutta percha.
6.Large battery capacity can use longer time.
7.Auto idle Power Saving Mode, the device will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use.

1.Plunger:The stainless steel plunger can be reused many times,however eventually twill need to be replaced.Call authorized dealer to purchase
2.Prevent overflow ring:Prevent the gutta-percha overflow.
3.Charging connector:Connect the Obturation Gun and Charging Base
4.Trigger:Pull repeatedly to extrude the gutta-percha pellet.
5.Thermal Protector:Simply grab and swivel to 360.The Thermal Protector proteccts the patient form harmful amount of heat.
6.Power/Temperature adjustment button:Press and hold to turn on and off. Press to switch different temperature settings:160℃/180℃/200/230℃.
7.Needle:The melted gutta percha is extruded at the end of the needle,and needle with With rotate 360 feature
8.Pellet loading slot:Insert a gutta-percha pellet into the pellet loading slot. Temperature display window. The silver needle can be rotated 360°. If there is gutta percha in the heating tube of the silver needle, the push rod can be used to rotate the silver needle. Needle, note that when the push rod is in the silver needle tube, do not use a small wrench to rotate the silver needle, so as not to damage the silver needle.

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