Dental Resin Composite Universal Light Cure Resin A2,A3 High Bonding Strength 4.5 gm

denshineSKU: 620000199511-6000

Option1: A2



1. 5th generation adhesive for all classes of direct restoration.
2. Post and core bonding.
3. Ceramic veneer/crown/inlay and other indirect restoration bondings.


1. High bonding strength and long lasting durability.
2. Easy infiltrate to dentin tubules.Reduce the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
3. Compatible with all light cure restoratives.
4. Time saving and easy to use


* Universal composite for anterior/posterior dentine and enamel
* High radiopacity
* Fluoride release
* High strength (compressive strength>480MPa)


* Direct anterior and posterior restorations
* Compatible with glass ionomer resin material
* Cup buildup
* Core buildup
* Indirect anterior and posterior restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers




1. Isolate tooth and then prepare the cavity in a conservative manner. clean the entire surface with a slurry of pumice and water.

2. Apply etchant using a tip, a disposable syringe tip, or disposable brush tip. allow etchant to remain in palce for 15 seconds. etching time should be monitored with a stopwatch. begin timing at the end of application.

Option: place etchant enamel first, then proceed to cover dentin, for a slightly longer enamel etching time.

3. Rinse thoroughly (at least 5 seconds) to completely remover all traces of etchant.

4. Remove exces moisture from the tooth and proceed with the applicaton of etching gel, waiting for 10 seconds, then rise thoroughly. then apply adhesive.


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