Dental Cordless Curing Light 1 Second Cure Lamp with 4 working modes

DentaldenshineSKU: 189812

Type: US Plug


1.This product is a new type curing light that uses high power and high purity broad spectrum blue-violet LED with a wavelength of 385-515nm as light source and an enhanced condenser lens.
2.It is suitable for most composite resins on the market.
3.This curing light has 4 working modes for users to use in different working environments: 01.Flash mode, Working time 5-40s 02.Gradually strong mode, Working time 5-40s 03.Constant power mode, Working time 5-40s 04.Super power mode, Working time 1/3/5s
4.The working head can be rotated 360 degrees for easy operation.
In the standby state, if no any button is pressed within 50s, the curing light will automatically shut down.
Input Voltage: 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage:DC5V 1A
Battery voltage:DC3.7V
battery capacity:2200mAh
wave length:385-515nm
light intensity:2300mW/㎡
charging time:about 4hours
Package Includes:
1*Main body
1*Power adapter
1*Charging base

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